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Economic development in globalization era is intertwined with growth of emerging industries and knowledge-based businesses. Moreover,providing the relevant infrastructures is not possible without taking the optimal decision making in subsystems and organizational processes into account. Therefore,industrial systems optimization as well as improved business management in various organizational levels is top priority in our society.

The first international conference on systems optimization and business management aims at enriching the development of competitive advantages in regional and national levels as well as having considerable effects on international industrial and academic cooperation.

The main stream of the conference will be on optimization in industrial and service systems. Moreover,recent advanced improvement in healthcare,food,industrial agriculture and tourism will be presented and discussed in the conference. Focusing on innovative businesses and knowledge-based industries is another main stream of the conference regarding its main role on promoting the resistive economy and developed international interactions.

The conference program includes applied workshops,keynote speeches by international and national lecturers,professional panels for private and public sectors,presentations of recent scientific research,and awards for selected research papers.

Dr M. Vaseghi Amiri
Conference Chairman